Thursday, July 6, 2017

Author Robert Munsch Listening Center QR Codes

Boys and girls just love Robert Munsch books they are extremely humorous.  Robert's books are excellent examples of story telling.  
I love to use his stories for a variety of reading and writing lessons.  I am not going to pretend to reinvent the wheel when it comes to these lessons.  There are some excellent lessons on Pinterest.  I put some links on my teaching website with some suggestions.  

This year I plan on printing out the book covers and QR codes and will hang them up on the back of the classroom door. That way the students can walk up to the door and scan the codes and begin the listening to the stories.  The book covers, codes and reading response sheets are free at my TPT store.   

Monday, June 26, 2017

2017 Home Reading Logs

I know there are pros and cons to Home Reading Logs, the biggest con is correcting them all.  However I know my students will read at home IF it is assigned homework.  So I go through the hassle each week because I believe that reading is the most important thing my students need to do each night for review.  

Most school days I send home a guided reading book for the students to practice at home and I let them pick one book for enjoyment that a parent can read to them.  If I am not sending home a guided reading book then they can pick a level book from the basket.  I have lots of books for the children to pick from in my classroom to take home. I have been teaching for lots of years so I have enough books to change monthly. 
As the school year goes on I introduce the story elements during shared reading and the students look for these on these classroom logs as well as there homework logs.  These are the home reading logs I used in my first grade classroom.  I updated them for the new school year.
TPT Store
This is the Second Grade Home Reading Logs I created for one of the teachers at my school.  She wanted a fun way for her students to review what she was working on in class.  Second grade readers read longer books so her expectation is that they read one book a night. 
TPT Store

Monday, June 19, 2017

Oriental Trading's Updated Website Learn 365

Oriental Trading Company Learn 365
 Oriental Trading Company is rolling out their new teacher website this week Learn 365 and asked me to write a post about a couple of their products that will be useful in my teaching.  I am so grateful for the wonderful resources.  I found some amazing products for teaching young children.  I am impressed with the selection and quality of the products they offer.  I love that they offer Melissa and Doug products and Learning Resource products on their site. 

  One of the things I noticed with the little four year olds I was working with is that they also needed to work on some colors as well as alphabet the number awareness skills.

So when I found these alphabet bean bags I was super excited that they were in different colors.  I can use them for two activities color sorting/basic counting and of course alphabet games.  I also plan on using them for some spelling activities with the first and second graders as well.  I think these bean bags will be a wonderful addition to my teaching resource bag. 
Alphabet Bean Bags
I was so excited to get this Alphabet Phonics books.  What I like about these books are two fold:  1.  The books are not just the beginning sounds.  They have ending sounds as well.  The vowel books have short and long sound words.  2.  You get the entire alphabet for $10.  That is an amazing deal!  They are nice small square books for little hands.  I plan on using these books with the K5 and First Graders who are struggling with their sounds.  
ABC Phonics Books
I just love these color boxes.  I picked these out with my little grand daughter in mind.  She is learning new vocabulary and color words and this activity fits the bill perfectly!  The little vocabulary cards have wonderful simple photos on them.  The cards are well made and easy for little hands to handle.  My grand daughter loves the pictures, and the objects are things she recognizes from her environment. She loves putting the cards in the little slots on the boxes.  Right now we are only using two boxes at a time however you can change up the activity and tailor it towards each students learning needs.   
Color Sorting Boxes
This is another open-ended activity that you can change and adapt to the student's needs as well.  The game comes with a color dice and two number dice so you can play all kinds of games: colors, patterns, number awareness, basic counting, and early addition and subtraction.  So many possibilities and I know little boys are going to love the "race car" format.  I picked this game because I thought I could lots of different things with it.  
Learning Resources Mini Motor Math Activity Set
These number duckies are adorable....and what child does not like to play and learn in the water.  It is going to be so much fun picking up the ducks and looking at the numbers to identify.  However my grand daughter is not ready for number identification yet so we are using the colorful ducks to learn our colors.  You can really use this activity for two different purposes.  It was a lot of fun.  
1,2,3 Number Rubber Duckies
This MAGNETIC shape sorting activity is very open ended.  You can do so many different sorts.  I can not wait to try this out with my students.  I love that it is magnetic, my students love working on a magnetic board.  
Shape Sorting Magnets
Thank you to Oriental Trading Company for the above products.  I was given the products in exchange for this post.  All the opinions and thoughts are my own.  

Monday, June 12, 2017

Summer Vacation Begins

My summer vacation begins today.  I don't have a lot of summer plans this year because we just remodeled our bathrooms.  So nothing left in the budget for vacation money, however I will make the best of the free stuff around the city and of course babysitting for my adorable grandchildren.  I already went to the zoo with my daughter and grand daughter this past weekend.  It is fun to see the animals from a three year olds eyes.  Every animal was exciting even if it was just sleeping.  

I sat down tonight and brainstorm my summer homework.  My wish list of things I hope to accomplish before the new school year starts.  I have three books I want to read and several activities I want to pull together for the new year.  This is just the list of school stuff I want to accomplish, I have another list for the house and one for myself, and of course my endless reading list.    

Monday, May 29, 2017

Most Used Resources This Year

At the end of every school year I like to take time and reflect back over the year and think about what activities worked well and what I need to improve.  This year I found myself in new role as the primary resource teacher.  I worked with grades K4 - 2nd grade in the classroom and pulling students who needed one on one instruction.

I started out the year assessing the new four year old students to see where they were at and checking up on their progress throughout the year.  I created this assessment binder to grab and go when it was time to assess one of the little ones.  I have everything I need in it to check in on their progress all year long.

These name bags were a hit at the beginning of the year and again in the middle of the year when I added their last name.  I used these with the little four year olds and they loved setting up their names.  I had these bags on the table as they enter the room.  It was the first thing they did.  It was really helpful because they referred to the letters in their name all year long.  We even referred the letters in our friends names as well.
We played these Bingo games all year round.  I put the capital letter bingo and lowercase bingo back to back and we switched it up.  I did the same with the number bingo as well.  At the beginning of the year I played the number bingo 1-30 with the 5 year olds and towards the end of the year I was playing the 1-20 number bingo with the 4 year olds.  I also used the number and letter cards to play other board games as well. We switched up our markers to holiday markers throughout the year.  This was a favorite that they begged to play each week.

Oh my gosh the kids loved the letters on the stones.  They loved putting them in order and they loved using them to match pictures and letters for beginning sounds.  I used them with the K5 and first graders to do making words exercises.  I think it was a texture thing.  The kids loved the smooth cool feeling of the rocks.  I even made a second set with capital letters to match up. 

These sensory cards were a free item I got from Oriental Trading Company and they were a hit with my four year old students.  They loved touching them and we made up lots of activities with them however their favorite were the sandboxes.  They loved tracing the letters and then drawing the letters in the sand that I found at the dollar store.

Stick Bang is a game that cost little money to make and the kids love to play it.  I made so many different versions of this game.  However I think the favorite was this lollipop version I made for the four year olds.  

My Mystery Number Box was a huge hit.  I found these number cards in a Math Packet I had already purchased on TPT.  I printed them and mounted them on card stock and laminated them.  Then I found an empty Kleenex box and that's where I put the cards.  I used these cards for so many activities:  Number Identification, Greater Than/Less Than, Put the numbers in order from Greatest to Least, from Least to Greatest.   Grab a number and then find one more/one less/ten more/ten less, number of the day,  adding and subtracting activities. 
I looked and looked and I couldn't find where I got these cards from but I know they were something I found I TPT. 
These reference folders were something I used daily with a lot of my older students.  I have math activities on the outside and language activities on the inside.  I found this idea in one of the kindergarten classrooms at my school and I used resources I already had and found free resources that I could use to complete my folders.  

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